SIPquest DMC Offers a Single Number for WiFi and Cellular Calls

SIPquest DMC Offers a Single Number for WiFi and Cellular Calls


Next time when you want to place or receive a call over Wi-Fi or cellular connection using the same number, SIPquests Dual Mode Client Software for Phones and PDAs may be working in the background to make it happen.

Ottawa, Canada-headquartered SIPquest, the leader in Converged Multimedia Client software, has unveiled a new software that allows a user to place and receive a call using the same number, on the same handset, over the best available network – WiFi or cellular. SIPquest has undertaken this prestigious project as part of its expansion plan to include Dual Mode Client (DMC).

Available immediately for service provider licensing or equipment manufacturer resale, the SIPquest DMC supports a variety of mobile devices. It is also optimized to work with third-party Mobility Engines running on network application servers.

The SIPquest Dual Mode client is a single, feature rich, multimedia client running over WLAN and GSM interfaces facilitating fixed-mobile convergence and the evolution to IMS. It manages a variety of communication session types – such as voice-over-IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging. The Dual Mode client can be integrated into a range of handheld devices, including PDAs, Smartphones, and PocketPCs.

Timico was the first service provider in Europe to demonstrate a wireless VoIP Client integrated with a GSM phone. A high priority for many service providers is to deepen their effective service area using the Internet and Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) deployments. “Recent research shows that dual network WiFi – cellular services have the potential to be the killer application the VoIP market is looking for,” says Keith Nissen, senior analyst with In-Stat.