Lenovo Launches Special Edition Titanium IBM ThinkPad Z Series

Lenovo Launches Special Edition Titanium IBM ThinkPad Z Series


Lenovo is breaking tradition. It is bringing to market a special brushed Titanium edition of its new ThinkPad Z series notebooks. The hype is of course all about the fact that the ThinkPad series, formerly owned by IBM, has always been completely black. Someone is finally picking up after the old Titanium Apple Powerbook style, titanium should make for a solid feeling notebook.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Z series are featured as widescreen multimedia notebooks, geared towards mobile and small business consumers who use one notebook computer for both work and play. For such demanding needs, the ThinkPad Z series is scratch resistant and is completely integrated with Verizon Wireless Broadband Access (WWAN).

The ThinkPad Z Series features the 14-inch Z60t and the 15.4-inch Z60m. The Z60t is the industry’s thinnest and lightest widescreen notebook in its class. It is 1.1-in thick and weighs just 4.2 pounds. It features 25% more data space than a 14-in XGA screen. The Z60m, on the other hand, features 30% more data space than a 15-inch XGA and provides users better viewing angles for use while in flight.

Lenovo’s 14-inch ThinkPad Z60t hits the market next month and will be available through www.lenovo.com. It can be yours for about US $1099. Meanwhile, its 15.4-inch ThinkPad Z60m will be available starting October 11 and can be purchased for around US $799.