DLO Introduces the HomeDock for your iPod

DLO Introduces the HomeDock for your iPod


What do you do with your iPod at home? DLO provides the answer as it brings to market the HomeDock, a device that enables iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano users to listen to their music or browse their photos through their stereo system or TV.

The DLO HomeDock features a standard AC plug to power and charges your iPod while it is stationed on the HomeDock. It comes with a 14-funtion remote control so you can listen to whatever you want from across the room.

The HomeDock connects your iPod to your home stereo via standard RCA type plugs and cables (included). To show your favorite pictures to family and friends, simply connect the HomeDock to your TV through Composite or S-Video. Just dock the iPod, select a photo slideshow and you’re all set.

At some point, you will probably want to connect your iPod to your Mac or PC. The HomeDock also features standard USB so you can easily connect directly to your computer from the HomeDock.

It will be available starting October for US $99.99.