LG CL400 Wi-Fi GSM Combo Phone with UMA

LG CL400 Wi-Fi GSM Combo Phone with UMA


LG Electronics today announced their global mobile LG CL400 Wi-Fi and GSM combo handset today. The CL400 is released under arrangment with US-based Kineto Wireless group, who has provided LG with the UMA-compliant handset client software.

Being a global mobile, the LG CL400 has an MP3 player, VGA camera and tri-band (850/1800/1900MHz) antenna making it capable to function in any market, it also sports European 2G GSM and 2.5G GPRS.

It’s not known how soon the device will be made available, but we do know that it will support seamless roaming between your cellphone carrier and Wi-Fi; when signal levels drop in doors it will automatically switch over even while placing a call.