Panasonic’s Uber Small 3-CCD Digital Video Recorders

Panasonic’s Uber Small 3-CCD Digital Video Recorders


Panasonic has announced their new 3-CCD digital video cameras and is claiming a worlds smallest and lightest 3-CCD camera. The SDR-S100 and SDR-S300 digital video cameras will record MPEG2 straight onto SD cards allowing you to easily download the movies to your PC without the need for time consuming file conversion that most MiniDV cameras require.

The SDR-S100 and SDR-S300will feature a large 2.8-inch multi-angle LCD screen for easy viewing. By switching to SD cards the “warm-up” time, which is a fancy name for start up time, is reduced allowing the camera to start up in 1.5 seconds. Also, they have shoved in their own MEGA O.I.S. (optical image stabilizer) so people don’t get sick watching your video shake due to your shifty hands.

The camera will come with a 2-gigabyte SD card that will allow around 100 minutes of MPEG2 video in long play mode, or around 1,280 3.1-megapixel still images in fine mode. I hope it comes with a new hard drive to store all your clips on your PC!

No word yet on pricing, but I’d expect to shell out big bucks come October 15th when the SDR-S100 hits streets in Japan. The SDR-300 model, which is just a rugged version of the S100 will be seen on November 15th.