Korean iNavi Does it all – GPS, MP3, Video, PIM

Korean iNavi Does it all – GPS, MP3, Video, PIM


The Koreans seem to get all the fun toys! Check out the iNavi Pro navigation device that combines all the functionality of a PDA, MP3 Player, Video Player and GPS in one device.

The iNavi Pro will feature 512MB of onboard storage and an extra CompactFlash expansion slot. The processor for the device will be the Atlas-A ARM9 192MHz CPU and will run Windows CE.NET. Also included will be an agenda with various PIM functions all easily navigated via their touch screen.

I would have to get my hands on the device to find out if it features are useful or if they are just junky little applications thrown on to beef up the press on the device functioning as a all-in-one solution.

Who knows if we will ever see this thing hit the streets in North America re-branded by some other company, but I highly doubt it.