Apricorn MicroKey is Rugged and Lightweight

Apricorn MicroKey is Rugged and Lightweight


Apricorn has released an affordable 4GB and 6GB MicroKey data storage device. The crush-resistant aluminum alloy casing and extensive shock mounting provide hefty insulation for the 1-inch hard drive, this makes it so durable that Apricorn is claiming it can withstand 2000G’s of force upon impact when it’s not operating, and 200G’s when operating.

The MicroKey measures 3.4 x 2. 0.50-inches and weighs just 2.5 ounces, if it is as durable as they say, it may just be the most portable and robust hard drive-based memory key on the market. It’s USB 2.0 connector can rotate, allowing it to plug in to almost any Notebooks style of USB interface.

Apricorn’s MicroKey 4GB model is priced at US $159.99, while the 6GB unit is US $199.99. Both ship with Second Copy 2000 Synchronizing software which allows for file sharing between multiple PCs, ensuring replication tasks are efficient and maintain data integrity and Cryptainer Encryption Software that protects your files with Blowfish 128bit encryption.