USB Keychain TV Tuner picks up Analog and DVB-T TV Signals

USB Keychain TV Tuner picks up Analog and DVB-T TV Signals


A company from Germany named TerraTec Electronic, has developed a USB TV Tuner that allows you to watch TV on your Laptop or PC without an internal TV tuner card. The Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS resembles a USB thumb drive but it doesn’t pack flash memory inside, instead it contains the hardware to pick up analog and digital DVB-T TV signals.

The device can either pick signals out of the air without the need for a cable connection or, or if you are at home you can go through the included cable adapter. I am not sure how many channels you will be able to pull in with the antenna, but I’m guessing the stronger the signals, the more you will get. Not only can you receive signals, but you can also record the TV in full MPEG2 support. In addition it will also support EPG, TimeShifting, Videotext, video import and CD/DVD recording.

The Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS comes with the following goodies:

• USB2.0 extension cable (0.3m)
• Antenna adaptor cable
• Breakout cable video input/audio input/remote control receiver
• Antenna with magnetical base
• Infrared remote control incl. batteries
• Installation/software CD-ROM
• Manual on CD-ROM

The device costs around US $200 and is available from their website.