MobiTV for your Palm Treo 650

MobiTV for your Palm Treo 650


MobiTV is now available on your Palm Treo 650 Smartphone. The service, which beams live TV to your handheld, will include over 25 channels including news, sports, weather, and entertainment. So far Sprint, Cingular, and Verizon Wireless have hopped on the bandwagon, or for you lucky unlocked Treo users you can use it on your own US carrier.

MobiTV claims that they have had thousands of Treo users contact their support lines and beg for MobiTV. Little do they know about 99% of those calls came from me, I was trying out my various dead president impressions.

Of course like all things in life, MobiTV isn’t free. It will cost you a monthly fee of $10 through the MobiTV or Handmark (Palm application developers) websites.