MMT launches World’s Smallest GPS Receiver

MMT launches World’s Smallest GPS Receiver


Multi Modular Technologies (MMT), have revealed the world’s smallest global positioning receiver (GPS) system for use in mobile devices.

The MN1010 is an ultra small GPS module that has been designed into a 10x10x1.8mm, RF shielded 36-pin package. The system is promising high-end performance even though it will consume less power than other systems in this category. To be precise, it is rated to use less than 75MW of power for operations and will fit perfectly with battery operated, PDA and wireless applications devices. The devices design would just require power and a GPS antenna to receive as many as a dozen channels.

The built-in chip has come from u-Nav microelectronics and features the uN1008 CMOS RF Front-End and the highly integrated uN8130 Base-band Processor. This chipset is considered as a cost effective solution, which however, does not compromise on the high-end performance front.

An evaluation kit for the MN1010 is already available. MMT has publicly displayed this receiver and now will set afoot its commercial scale production beginning the next month.