L-3 To Develop “Top Secret” PDAs for the US Government

L-3 To Develop “Top Secret” PDAs for the US Government


The U.S. Government has awarded L-3 Communications a contract worth $18 million for developing secure PDAs for special government divisions.

L-3’s secure PDA is being called SME-PED, the government always picks up on retarded sounding acronyms for everything. The SME-PED or, Secure Mobile Environment Portable Electronic Device, will be primarily sent to the National Security Agency (NSA) employees. Hopefully this device will secure their carelessness, you know how they are always losing their devices with valuable information on them.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is also getting in on it, it will provide these users with a converged voice and e-mail communications similar to the commercially available devices like Blackberry, SideKick, and Treo 650.

Commenting on the nature of the project and the possible ways to execute it, Greg Roberts, President, L-3 Communications said, “We are thrilled to have been selected by the NSA to develop the SME-PED. SME-PED continues L-3’s legacy of developing leading-edge, high assurance communications products for use by the U.S. Government. L-3 CS-East will leverage recent investments in cryptographic technology as well as our experience and expertise in applying the U.S. Government’s Future Narrow Band Digital Terminal (FNBDT) and High Assurance Internet Protocol Interoperability Specification (HAIPIS) protocols while executing this critical program.”

The project does not have a specific time line for completion and may run into a few years, it will most likely be an outdated clunker by the time they get it.