Ricoh’s new GR Digital Wide Angle Camera

Ricoh’s new GR Digital Wide Angle Camera


Ricoh’s new Ricoh GR Digital is a digital camera with 8 megapixel sensor in a compact case designed with the 35mm GR film series in mind. The lens is a fixed focal length at 28mm f2.4 35mm equivalent for nice low light and wide shots.

Other features to note include the range of ISO settings; from 64 on the low end to 1600 for extra low light shooting. To make up for the fixed focal length lens the camera will have 4.0x digital zoom. A 2.5-inch LCD screen on the back takes over the spot where the viewfinder should be, but there is an optional one that you can attach on the top of the camera. The GR is able to shoot in JPEG, TIFF, and even RAW mode. Also, you can capture video in AVI format for as long as your SD storage card can hold.

The Ricoh GR will be available in Europe come October for a price of £399.99.