Panasonic BN-SDEAP3 SD Pocket Copy

Panasonic BN-SDEAP3 SD Pocket Copy


Panasonic announced they will put an SD pocket copy device (BN-SDEAP3) on the market around October of this year. The SD pocket copy is a small copying machine that operates on a single AAA battery. It is quite obvious by the name of it, but just to spell it out for you, it copies data between SD cards by the push of a button.

Two SD card slots are equipped in the main body and you can use an adapter for mini SD also. SD cards supported are up to 2GB and miniSD card support is 1GB.

It has two modes, digital camera mode and all modes. In Digital camera mode, it enables to copy a picture captured by a digital camera or camera phone. And In all modes it will copy all SD Video standard MPEG-4 motion picture files stored on the card. To prevent overwriting your data, a new folder is created for each copy.

Panasonic really doesn’t want to sell many of these, so they included security so that it will not copy a file protected by copy right and files from RAW, BMP or AVI forms.

You can make 5 copies in 50 second and 10 copies in 1mins and 40 second. It measures only 85x55x14 mm in size and weighs 35g.