LG’s KP4000 Mobile Phone is the Smartest Smartphone around

LG’s KP4000 Mobile Phone is the Smartest Smartphone around


LG Electronics presents one of the most versatile mobile phones ever to be released, the new slider, dubbed the LG KP4000, offers users so many options it is almost unbelievable. You may just call it the smartest smart phone around.

LG’s KP4000 is a hybrid with phone with QVGA (320×24) display, camera, GPS, a 1.3MP camera (hidden under the slider) and 256MB or 128MB of built-in memory.

Voice navigation is possible with MS-Based GPS maps (which means it will run on Windows Mobile 5.0), also no need for a GPS antenna or docking station is required. Bluetooth features allow for handsfree use of making or taking calls, you can also print and transfer digital photographs stored in the phone to a compatible printer or computer. Even more, it sports an FM tuner for radio listening if your MP3 collection is not enough. In all honesty, there is not much this phone is missing, but at a price of US $500.00 you know why. No other specs or release dates were released, however we expect it to hit the market for the fall.