Google Blog Search Gives a boost to blogging

Google Blog Search Gives a boost to blogging


In a movement to give a major push to blogging, as well as keeping up with the competition, Google on Wednesday launched Google Blog Search, a new search engine that collects information for what people look for in blogs. The exercise is ultimately aimed to open new vistas of online advertising. According to an analyst, by launching Google Blog Search, Google has scored over its rivals like Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN in offering a specific search tool for blogs.

Viewed much on the lines of niche search engines like Technorati, Icerocket, and Feedster, Google’s latest initiative is believed to encash the mammoth opportunities projected to unfold ahead due to a staggering rise in the number of blog readers worldwide. According to an estimate, in the US alone in the month of July this year, nearly 30 million people have read blog related sites and the number is swiftly increasing in the range of 25-30% on the annual basis.

The company is making no bones in claiming that the new search engine is meant to identify the new areas of interests for blog readers. Jeff Reynar, Product Manager, Google Blog Search says, “We want to begin the process of seeing what people want from a blog-search product and how they use it.” Google Blog Search will include content from blogs all over the web and it will be constantly updated all the time. Google officials are indicating that the new search engine will open a new revenue line for them in the future.

Google’s Blog Search move is likely to be emulated by its rivals soon. So the message for bloggers all over the world is – Happy Blogging.