Crestron CEN-IPOD offers 2-Way iPod Interface

Crestron CEN-IPOD offers 2-Way iPod Interface


Crestron has developed the world’s first 2-way iPod interface. Its CEN-IPOD enables users to recreate the iPod experience on any touch panel display. By providing an interface to any Apple iPod model, a full 2-way touchpanel control of any iPod is possible via the CEN-IPOD controller.

The drudgery and trouble of integrating your iPod into a home audio system is no more. Simply put, music buffs who were unable to manage their music libraries, view play lists, or select music by artist, CD or song when connected to a home audio distribution system, now have a perfect solution.

It offers a graphical interface that duplicates the iPod display and through its large screen, the view gets enhanced. No programming is required when the CEN-IPOD is connected to any Crestron Adagio Home Entertainment System. When linking Crestron’s iPod Connect to an Adagio system, only the LCD display on the Adagio front panel is needed for set-up, press “Discover” and the Adagio will find all the iPods connected to it.

Its compatibility with all other iPod models is another advantage. Even the latest iPod Photo can be used in conjunction with the CEN-IPOD. All one has to do is to link the video out to Crestron VDS and presto, photos can be viewed on Crestron touch panel. The CEN-IPOD also connects to existing Crestron audio distribution systems such as the BIPAD8.