Canon Unveils the IXY Digital L3

Canon Unveils the IXY Digital L3


Canon’s upgrade to their IXY Digital L2 will come in October with the IXY Digital L3. The 5.0 Megapixel L3 with 1.8-inch TFT is the first L-series Canon to offer a 2.4X optical zoom and a 4X digital zoom.

Photos can be transferred over high-speed USB 2.0 as far as the battery goes, it has been upgraded to the NB-4L rather than the NB-3L giving around 160 shots per charge.

Storing photos is done on the SD expansion memory card, it will keep 190 shots at the highest setting with a 512MB card. Video recording (in WAV) can be done at 640×480 pixel at 10fps, 320×240 pixel at 20fps and 160×120 pixel at 15fps; far from spectacular but it’s there if you need it. Audio recording is also capable in WAV format.

The IXY Digital sports the latest DIGIC II processor, this means faster AF and viewing. A Canon lens is used, F3.2 – F5.4 at 38-90mm (35mm equivalent). Macro is possible from 30cm with flash capabilities.

No price is available yet for the L3, it will be available in four fun new colours.