ActiveECG adds cardiac diagnostic features to the Treo 650

ActiveECG adds cardiac diagnostic features to the Treo 650


Active Corporation, a known manufacturer of portable medical devices, has now introduced a product bundle called ActiveECG specifically for the palmOne Treo 650 which will also add the features of a ECG device to the handheld computer. The official announcement of the launch of the product was made on Tuesday.

The ActiveECG bundle will include the ActiveECG cardiac monitor and accessories, and a Treo 650 compatible serial cable which has been produced by PN Technologies. ActiveECG provides real-time display of ECG data and recording of ECG “strips” on Treo 650 which can be further transferred, stored and reviewed on any compatible PC for quick and easy remote diagnosis. According to Jeffery Siegel, President, Active Corporation, ActiveECG will be adding quality and convenient heart diagnosis features to Treo 650, “We wanted to make it simple for Treo 650 users to obtain all the components they need to turn their handheld device into a diagnostic quality, portable cardiac monitor. With this product bundle, they can purchase everything they need in one place.”

ActiveECG for Treo 650 has a price tag of $699 and the complete bundle includes the ActiveECG hardware, a Treo 650 compatible serial cable, software for the Treo 650 and companion software for the PC, ECG leadwires, battery, test cable, extra cover and one set of ECG electrodes