Sony HDPS-M10 40GB Portable Photo Backup

Sony HDPS-M10 40GB Portable Photo Backup


Sony Japan has released a 40 GB portable storage device that is targeted to digital photographers all around, not just Sony ones.

The Sony HDPS-M10 is 135 x 92 x 30mm, weighs 300g and sports a 40GB 2.5-inch HDD. Support for Compact Flash Type I, II, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo and the microdrive show that Sony is targeting not only Sony camera owners.

An internal lithium-ion battery will give you 15 transfers with a 1GB memory card. The HDPS-M10 is also considered shock proof thanks to the reinforced corners, offering maximum protection of your data.

Although there is no large color display for viewing your photos, a small LCD shows transfer progress, whether it allows you to view files in a listing style is unknown, but that would make or break the device. Without being able to verify your transfer, it would make it quite useless for anyone serious about saving their pictures.

The price is set at 30000 Japanese Yen or US $270, it should ship around late November this year in Japan.