FreeNET VoWiFi Platform Launched

FreeNET VoWiFi Platform Launched


Sensing a huge business potential in the fast emerging Voice over Wireless Fidelity (VoWiFi) communications solution, Ascom Wireless Solutions Inc is gearing up to launch its FreeNET VoWiFi version soon. The tentative launch for the American market is scheduled for the first half of next year.

Where VoIP consists of the hardware and software that enable people to use the Internet as a transmission medium for making telephone calls, VoWiFi is the wireless version of this technology that is designed to work on wirelessly connected devices such as a laptops or PDA.

The Ascom FreeNET standards-based solution consists of market-specific WLAN portable handsets, a robust messaging system, VoIP Gateway for integration with an existing circuit-switched PBX and supports IEEE standards, including 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11e (Quality of Service), and 802.11i (Security).

The Ascom FreeNET system includes innovative functionality such as 802.11b/g auto detection and portable handsets with “Virtual SIM” capability. Users can log on to any FreeNET handset on the network, which automatically retrieves their personal profile and preferences. Maintenance and upgrade costs will be minimized via over-the-air software updates and future enhancements.

Ascom sees a big future in VoWiFi particularly from the corporate sector, mainly due to its advantage of decreased communication costs through the usage of corporate wireless networks for voice in addition to data. VoWiFi is a mobile system that offers reliable coverage indoors and higher voice quality than the traditional cellular service.

The standards-based FreeNET VoWiFi communications solution will provide users with incomparable value that’s not available in today’s competitive offerings. “We will also continue to enhance and market our current Freeset DCT1900 system giving our customers the broadest choice in technology”, claims Ascom Wireless Solutions Inc President Chad West.