Samsung Releases Largest LCD Panel Ever; 57-inches

Samsung Releases Largest LCD Panel Ever; 57-inches


Samsung Electronics has come out with a 57-inch liquid crystal display panel, the largest such panel in the world. The 57-inch panel has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels, a perfect fit for wide-screen high-definition television.

Other attributes include an impressive 1000:1 contrast ratio, a 600-candle-per-square-meter brightness lever, a maximum 8-millisecond response time, and 75 percent color reproduction. The resolution is a formula of 1080p full HD so it gives the 2times better resolution than existing HD. The panel itself measures 52-inches by 30-inches and is slightly less than 2 inches thick, and weighs 47 pounds. Power consumption is 350 watts at maximum brightness.

This is the maximum size panel that can be manufactured, it is governed by the size of the glass sheet that a production line can handle. Fifth-generation lines can accept glass up to 110 centimeters by 130 centimeters (43.3 inches by 51.2 inches), making the 57-inch panel possible, said Samsung.

Samsung also released a smaller 40-inch LCD TV, it was rated best in class with unique picture enhancement circuitry, ultra fast pixel speed, and industry leading contrast and brightness. But the true beauty of these sets is the fact that such stunning quality and features are available in such a thin, light and beautiful cabinet. You can use it to connect the latest audio, video, and gaming devices, or even hook up your PC and use it simultaneously.

The new 57-inch LCD TV (LN57F51BD) price is around US $17,200.00 and the 40-inch LCD (LN40M61B) is more affordable at US $5600.00.