Bluetooth Stereo Kit from IoGear

Bluetooth Stereo Kit from IoGear


IoGear has announced a new Bluetooth Stereo Kit that includes Bluetooth Stereo Headphones and an Adapter that plugs into your portable or stationary devices audio 3.5mm or RCA jack. There have been different adaptations of this technology before, many have failed, so it’s nothing new from IoGear. It doesn’t make sense why they would release such a large and unappealing looking set of headphones so late in the game.

The receiver looks like it would easily fit directly over an iPod mini; makes you wonder who their target audience really is, but the device will work with any player. You can also buy the headphones separately to use with your Bluetooth compatible cell phone or PDA. The headphones themselves also have different function buttons such as track skip play, pause, and stop. As for battery life, you should be able to squeeze around 6 hours of use on its rechargeable battery. The Bluetooth will work up to 66 feet away.

The Bluetooth Stereo Kit will sell for around $180 US, or you can grab the headphones OR audio adapter individually for your Bluetooth device at $100.