eBay Buys Skype for $2.4B Cash

eBay Buys Skype for $2.4B Cash


It happened almost over night, but eBay managed to open fast and close fast, just as they do so well. Skype Technologies today agreed to a buy-out of $2.6 billion in cold hard cash plus eBay stock, not a bad deal, and seemed too good for Niklas Zennstrom to refuse. Besides, he still gets to continue with his long term plans of dominating the global Internet communications market, he just now reports to eBay’s CEO Whitman and is added to eBay’s senior executive roster.

It will only be time before eBay integrates Skype into their current services, it will be used to advance the online market places communication between buyers and sellers, an integrated eBay communications tool if I may? Making it much more safe for both parties in a transaction, and adding more incentive to turn your business the eBay way.

Skype, eBay and PayPal are the three, they will surely create an unparalleled ecommerce and communications engine for buyers and sellers, no matter where they may be in this world.

“Communications is at the heart of ecommerce and community,” said Meg Whitman, President and Chief Executive Officer of eBay. “By combining the two leading ecommerce franchises, eBay and PayPal, with the leader in Internet voice communications, we will create an extraordinarily powerful environment for business on the Net.”

Skype will help eBay and Paypal expand to emerging ecommerce markets, such as China, India, and Russia. However recent news report that China Telecom has blocked Skype, specifically the SkypeOut service, which allows Skype users outside of China to call in to a standard China Telecom PTSN line. Whether this happened or was planned before the eBay Skype acquisition or after is unknown, regardless it should make for interesting drama between the two companies.