Sony MDR DS6000 and MDR RF5000K Wireless Headphones

Sony MDR DS6000 and MDR RF5000K Wireless Headphones


Sony presents two new wireless headphones, the MDR DS6000 and the MDR RF5000K. These both function on the 2.4 GHz band for the wireless part so you are able to enjoy surround sound anywhere within 30m of the transmitter even through walls.

The MDR-DS6000 has virtual 5.1 surround and it’s DTS, Dolby NR Pro Logic II and Mpeg-2 AAC compatible , they are also compatible with 16Bit audio CD’s (Non-compression Digital).

The MDR-RF5000K is basically the same, but it does not offer DTS. Power is received either by a rechargeable battery or dry batteries.

The sound quality of wireless headphones are inferior compare to wired head phones; however, Sony makes their wireless-head phones bigger and heavier for good sound quality (ear-sweating). Hopefully they will perform as good as they say.