Pace Reveals first ever DVB-H PVR

Pace Reveals first ever DVB-H PVR


The first ever DVB-H mobile PVR is being shown at IBC today, Pace has developed the mobile TV device with included PVR functionality to “revolutionize the way we watch TV”.

The DVB-H, aka Digital Video Mobile Broadcasts, mobile PVR is Pace’s PDH400 product. With it users can watch TV in real time, in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC encoding (high-quality video streaming compression), a popular Japanese and European terrestrial digital broadcasting standard.

What makes the PDH400 so innovative is that it’s the first mobile PVR with a 40GB hard drive (200 hours of recording). An expandable SD-card also supports H.264 streaming, not only can you save your programming for later, you can store it on SD for easy transfer and sharing to other devices.

The PDH400 with 4.3-inch widescreen display, is the successor to Pace’s PVR2GO announced last year. Adding DVB-H support is one step that Pace has taken to support the future of mobile payTV.