National Cellular Launches Cellular Telephone for the Home

National Cellular Launches Cellular Telephone for the Home


Waxess Inc. has claimed to bridge the gap between the cellular and landline services by the introducing its new D-Mode-CT phones with National Cellular.

The new Waxess D-Mode-CT Home Cellular Phone promises to integrate standard telephone services with cellular phone service into one home telephone. This phone will be particularly beneficial for home and small business telephone users who can now derive the advantage of cellular calling features like larger toll-free calling areas, discounted or free long distance rates, discounted or free night and weekend calls, text messaging and more. Providing a more powerful, almost three times, reception quality even in rural areas vis-à-vis standard available handsets is another calling card of this phone.

This will be possible because D-Mode will be providing up to 2 Watts of cellular transmit power. The Waxess D-Mode-CT Home Cellular Phone also boasts of an in- built speakerphone and a 2.4GHz 2-line digital cordless phone. It’s even user-friendly manner like your regular phone, you can also mount it on a wall or place it wherever you want.

While developing this phone, Waxess seems to have been inspired by some of the recent industrial findings which underline that consumers are gradually realizing, using cellular phones at home is much cheaper than standard wired services (in some areas).

For the distribution of D-Mode-CT Home Cellular Phone in the United States, Waxess has struck an alliance with National Cellular (NCI) and it will be available immediately.

D-Mode-CT Features

– CDMA 800/1900 1xRTT and GSM 850/1900 GPRS versions available
– 2.4 GHz DSS Cordless Handset, included
– Caller ID from both Cellular and Land Line service
– SMS send and receive
– 3-Way Conference with Cellular and PSTN Lines
– Conferencing with both Cellular and PSTN Lines
– Up to 2 Watts of power for maximum range
– Expandable to 4 Cordless Handsets (one is included)
– Corded Phone Handset on Base
– Dual Keypad and Speakerphone on Base
– Large Display (LCD) on Base
– Menu-Driven Operation
– Power Backup (optional Alkaline battery backup)
– Voicemail Access (FSK/SDT VMWI for PSTN)