Kensington reveals NXT-enabled iPod nano docking station and accessories

Kensington reveals NXT-enabled iPod nano docking station and accessories


Kensington this week unveiled five new products that fit into the iPod accessories catalog. Among the five products announced, three of them; namely the SX 2000 Speakers for iPod, the Micro FM Transmitter for iPod and the Digital FM Radio and FM Transmitter for iPod will be compatible with the new iPod nano which was recently launched by Apple Computer.

Unveiling the new line of products, Oren Blonstein, Global Product Manager, Kensington, said, “The iPod defines what consumers expect out of their digital music experience, and we are committed to launching a line of accessories that further enhances that experience. Kensington has a 24 year history of making award-winning accessories that support Apple products, and we’re looking to continue on this path with a best-in-class line of accessories for the iPod.”

The SX 2000 Speakers (shown below) are based on speaker technology from NXT, they offer a stunning industrial design and are being presented as “the best in its class”. Kensington’s SX 2000 speakers’ price point has been fixed at US $159.99.

The grille-less NXT flat panel design forms the whole fascia of the docking station, providing a wide, immersive sound to bring your digital music collection to life. The Universal Dock provides a single, elegant way to connect any iPod with dock connector to your iPod accessory. iPod fits into the Universal Dock through the use of interchangeable inserts called Dock Adapters.

Kensington’s Micro FM Transmitter for iPod also promises to deliver an unmatched quality of music in its small size category. It has been developed with patented Aerielle technology and is not dependent on any cable or wire connection. This device will be available for less than $50. Its Digital FM Radio and FM Transmitter for iPod promises to be a 2-in-1 FM transmitter and radio with a backlit digital display feature. To buy this device, you will have to shell out $79.99.

The company is also claiming that two of its other launched accessory for iPod, Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger and Transporters for iPod Shuffle, are state of the art and are available in the respective price range of $39.99 and $19.99.