Garmin Mobile GPS Software on your cell phone

Garmin Mobile GPS Software on your cell phone


Garmin has just announced that they are releasing a new suite of mobile GPS applications called Garmin Mobile. The apps will be mainly for cell phones but I’m sure they will port to PDA’s soon.

The interface is based on the StreetPilot unit’s design with turn-by-turn navigation, directions, and moving maps. Currently the mapping software will be available on select Sprint Nextel handsets to start, but who knows, other carriers might pick it up soon. The data, which includes points of interest such as restaurants and tourist attractions, is provided by NAVTEQ. Not only can you find your way to where you want to go, you can also call the destination if it is specified in the point of interest data – pretty sweet idea.

The only catch is you need to subscribe to the service monthly at $9.99 a month. Current Sprint PCS Vision subscribers can go to the website and check if their phone is compatible and to sign-up to the service. Current phone models supported are; Sanyo MM-8300, Sanyo MM-7400, and the Sanyo MM-5600. Garmin also makes a car phone mount for $19.99US.