C2; A Global USB Drive Platform

C2; A Global USB Drive Platform


At a press conference in Korea yesterday, IOCell announced their new open USB drive standard for users to become truly mobile with data and settings. The C2 intellectual platform consists of all a users software, email, media, contacts, and any other data you like; when connected to a C2 console, a user will gain access to their files and software (if they first pass the security authentication in place, which can range from a simple password, to finger print recognition).

C2 can be implemented on current hardware, with a main network server globally managing all C2 users, data can be accessed across the globe.

C2 will follow you wherever you go and give you access to your own applications and settings, to perform email tasks, business functions, or other things. The best part is that your information is with you, not local, and will be secure in your pocket. If you lose the C2, once you report it and a user tries to access your data, everything will be erased upon connnection with the C2 network.

The plan is to have global adoption of the C2 system in 2006. No prices were set, but expect it to work on a subscription basis.