ZyXEL Launches XtremeMIMO Wireless Networking Solutions Line

ZyXEL Launches XtremeMIMO Wireless Networking Solutions Line


Zyxel Communications today introduced its XtremeMIMO line of wireless networking solutions – the X-550 802.11g XtremeMIMO wireless broadband router, M-102 802.11g XtremeMIMO wireless cardbus adapter, and M-202 802.11g XtremeMIMO wireless USB adapter.

The X-550 XtremeMIMO wireless broadband router features the Super G Wireless and MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) Smart Antenna technology, offering users as much as 800% better performance speeds and range compared to 802.11g. It also features StreamEngine technology (Ubicom) which instantly prioritizes software to decrease latency and improve network efficiency. This makes your system ideal for calling over the Internet, online gaming, online radio broadcasts and any other triple-play applications.

The ZyXEL X-550 is also the industry’s first product to support Microsoft Windows Connect Now (WCN) technology, enabling users to seamlessly add new devices to an existing wireless network or create a new network.

The XtremeMIMO line prevents dead zones or the sudden drop of signal strength by locating and setting up the best mode of communication. It features advanced security measures, ships Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) ready, and is backwards compatible with any IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi device.

ZyXEL’s line of wireless networking solutions will be available starting October 2005. The X-550 802.11g XtremeMIMO Wireless Broadband Router will be priced at US $159.99, the M-102 802.11g XtremeMIMO Wireless Cardbus Adapter at US $119.99, and the M-202 802.11g XtremeMIMO Wireless USB Adapter at US $109.99.