Spy Camera Watch gives you the Digital Eye

Spy Camera Watch gives you the Digital Eye


If you have finally concluded that your cell phone camera is the most covert device to snap a picture anytime and anywhere, its time to think again. A new wristwatch is now available which boasts of digital photographic capabilities and is certainly more convenient to carry, apart from giving you that James Bond gadget feeling.

Dubbed as “the Digital Eye Wristwatch Camera,” this little device offers a color display in the range of up to 36 “high resolution” pictures. The watch also has a storage chamber for clicked photographs that can be later transferred to a computer.

A major selling point of this wristwatch camera is that it has been priced very low – at $99.95 to be precise, and this price tag includes software and batteries in one package. The quality of photos however is the issue, without samples and most likely a plastic lens, one might expect to have trouble exposing images in poor light conditions. If we can get our hands on one, we will let you know further.

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