iTunes Phone is here, so now what?

iTunes Phone is here, so now what?


Amongst the many Apple press releases today we also find the new Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes phone. We have been waiting for this sucker for months now and it isn’t really new news except for the fact that it’s now official and has a price. So yeah, on to the phone!

I must say that I never was, nor am I now, impressed. First of all the iTunes phone will only hold around 100 songs or so, and you can’t actually connect to Apple iTunes store via a wireless connection. Instead you need to synch your phone to your PC/Apple version of iTunes, pick the songs you want or select auto fill random, and then the tunes are on your phone. The phone doesn’t even resemble an iPod! You think that their first jump into the iTunes market would be something that resembled the sleek design factors that make Apple’s product line so appealing. Not impressed.

Despite the lack of Apple cool factor the phone isn’t a bad phone. Talk time will last you for around 6.5 hours with 260 hours standby time. The phone also features a camera with zoom and flash, video recording, music ringtones, stereo speakers and rhythm lights, and Bluetooth wireless.

The phone is available through Cingular Wireless for a price of $249 after a 2-year contract is signed.