Apple Releases iTunes 5

Apple Releases iTunes 5


Ok, we promise this is the last you will hear from us about Apple’s new announcements today. Amoungst the two product releases Apple slipped in a new version of iTunes at the v5 flavor.

The new version has a slightly modified skin, a new search bar for faster song hunting, parental controls to limit your kids, album reviews, and smart shuffle settings to randomly play back only what you want to hear. Also, you can now synch your Outlook and Outlook Express contact and calendars to your iPod.

In addition apple has also boosted up their library to 2 million tracks. New additions include all six Harry Potter audio books and Madonna’s catalogs. Pointy breast shirt not included.

Nothing too huge, but anything Apple does these days sends shockwaves through the industry. Last upgrade they added was for universal podcast support, and it took off. Wonder what’s next?