Epson Unveils Projector with LED Light Source

Epson Unveils Projector with LED Light Source


Remaining at the cutting edge of technological revolution seems to be second nature to Epson. They have recently revealed a prototype postcard-sized mini-projector that uses an LED light source. The new breakthrough comes closely in the wake of its recent Crystal Clear Fine (C2 Fine) technology announcement.

With a footprint of just 13.8 by 10.3 centimeters (just smaller than a sheet of A6 paper) and a slender profile, the 500-gram prototype can fit easily into the palm of one’s hand. The mini-projector is not yet launched commercially. Visitors to the forthcoming IFA trade show at Berlin have been the luckiest few to see the new tech marvel from Epson.

Besides a more compact design, LED light sources provide several advantages over conventional lamps including immediate projection readiness, a long running time, and swift switch-off. The use of an LED light source in a projector is a first for 3LCD.

The prototype demonstrates just how compact mobile 3LCD projectors could one day become. “A Projector using 3LCD technology already have advantages in terms of bright, natural images that are easy on the eyes,” points out Koichi Kubota, general manager of projector marketing at Epson.