Vodafone K.K. Introduces New Music Service

Vodafone K.K. Introduces New Music Service


Vodafone K.K. has just launched a new Music Search service on called Vodafone live! The wireless internet service allows consumers to easily search for Chaku-Uta, Chaku-Uta Long Version, and Chaku-Uta Full music tracks.

For standard communication rates, subscribers can now use Music Search to find that Chaku-Uta and Chaku-Uta Full music track information by artist name. Simply enter your artist’s name (in full or in part) in kanji, hiragana, alphabetical letters or numbers, and Music Search will search the Vodafone live! archive and provide links to the artist’s information pages.

These information pages will display various artists’ data such as websites that provide the artists’ tracks so subscribers can download the tracks they want, and get information regarding the artists’ live engagements and upcoming events. Artist information is searched depending on the music tracks that can be downloaded by your Vodafone K.K. handset.