SanDisk Launches Sansa Car Transmitter

SanDisk Launches Sansa Car Transmitter


SanDisk has released their very own Sansa Car Transmitter, it is designed to play your music on a SanDisk Sansa MP3 digital player through your car radio. The adapter allows motorists to carry a huge library of music, 48 hours of MP3 music and 96 hours of WMA music, and listen to it on the road.

The Sansa Car Transmitter is a one-piece system that can be easily attached to the FM radio. First, you need to identify a weak FM frequency and then using channel search buttons, select the same frequency on the car transmitter. There is the option to program three presets with the memory buttons, and for viewing frequencies, a blue backlit LCD screen.

The transmitter which covers the full FM band ranging from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz, has a durable transparent belt clip used for inserting the player into the transmitter cradle and rubber gaskets to establish a snug fit in the 12-volt lighter socket. Commenting on technical specification and practical utility of the new device, Matthijs Hutten, Product Marketing Manager, Sansa, said, “The belt clip serves a dual purpose. It holds the Sansa in the transmitter and it also allows you to carry the player with you when you leave your vehicle.

Sandisk will first market the transmitter in the US before the end of the year and is likely to carry a price tag of $59.99.