More Details on iPod Phone

More Details on iPod Phone


For some time now, everybody has been talking about the release of an iPod phone. However, it seems that the industry has reached a fever-pitch momentum. It all started with an email. When Apple issued invitations saying that it will announce a big ‘music-related’ event on September 7, the mobile phone world has been a buzz with speculation that here, finally, is the iTunes mobile phone.

The iPod handset is said to be the first in a series of mobile phones under the Motorola ROKR line. Cingular Wireless is believed to be the mobile service provider of choice for the new mobile device. What is NOT known is if the iTunes phone will also be able to download music files via wireless services such as 3G or only when it is connected to a PC.

There’s also a lot of speculation about the capacity of the new mobile phone. However, according to Roger Entner, VP of telecoms analyst Ovum, the first iPod phone will most like be available in two ‘flavors’ – 512MB or 1GB, with the 1GB model capable of storing as much as 240 songs.

With all the talk about the iPod phone, many are trying to gauge about what such a mobile device will have in the MP3 player market. Some say that it will affect it negatively but Brad Hale, director of product marketing for MP3 chip maker SigmaTel does not think so. “When there are MP3 capabilities in a phone, it’s going to expose the technology to someone that’s a non-MP3 user and it’s going to cause more and more people to want to adopt stand-alone MP3 players.”