Hyundai Mini HY-T08 OLED AV Player

Hyundai Mini HY-T08 OLED AV Player


The Chinese mobile device arm of Hyundai, has just released their latest 1GB flash memory based MP3 player with colour OLED display and video playback with MTV file support. The Hyundai HY-T08 is capable of storing about two films (4 hours of MTV) for your viewing pleasure, however the 1.5-inch OLED screen may seem a tad cramped for viewing a film on, none the less, OLED colour will be vivid and life-like. The audio functionality supports MP3, WMA and WAV playback, while the FM tuner allows you to listen to your favorite stations and record them for later listening. With 1GB of storage, you can also record about 35 hours of digital audio from the line-in.

A slideshow image viewer supports JPEG pictures. eBook support allows reading of TXT documents, but I couldn’t see myself reading a long story or a novel on a cellphone sized display.

The Hyundai HY-T08 measures a mere 3.4 x 1.8-inches and is encased in an aluminum shell. It will be released to the Chinese market this October for around US $220.