Waterproof Speaker from Muji

Waterproof Speaker from Muji


The music revolution is sweeping the globe, thanks to Steve Job’s Ipod and its clones of late, outdoor music-listening is on a roll. Listening to music through one’s iPod, MP3, CD or MiniDisc player is as mundane or commonplace as breathing.

Now the connoisseurs of music are getting neck deep in their obsession with their new found love, it has stretched to the extreme at times. For instance, aficionados want their quota of thrill at ‘watery’ environs such as showers, greenhouses, boats, Jacuzzis, swimming pools areas, atriums or gardens.

Sensing a new business opportunity, the market is getting flooded with water-resistant speakers which are powerful and weatherized to the core. Muji, the renowned packaging specialists, have launched their own version, it’s retailing at $65 a piece.

Muji’s waterproof speaker is enclosed in a translucent polypropylene case which protects and amplifies your iPod, MP3, CD, or MiniDisc player for listening indoors or out. A tight rubber seal ensures it stays dry and fully functional in wet conditions. Simply plug the speakers into the internal headphone socket and get transported to your chosen heaven.

It’s possible to use car audio equipment in such environments. Many people get long life out of stereos made for automobiles. However, if adequate care and attention is not paid, Water, salt and rough waves can all take their toll on electronics. Shock resistance for a stereo in a marine environment is also extremely important. Every hard-hitting wave can damage sensitive electronics, but there are products already in the market that are built to handle the vibration of a bumpy boat ride. Muji’s offering doubly ensures that the receiver is well protected from moisture and special coatings are used over the circuitry safeguarding against corrosion as well.

A MUJI waterspeaker user commented on popgadget.net, “one can use this rubber-sealed speaker to listen to anything with a headphone jack while you’re near water. I don’t think it’s fully submergeable but definitely splashproof. Your music player isn’t kept in the watertight casing, so you still need to watch out for that, lest it drown and die.”