Philips Announces GoGear HDD1630 and HDD6330 Audio Jukeboxes

Philips Announces GoGear HDD1630 and HDD6330 Audio Jukeboxes


Philips Electronics is putting out two harddrive jukeboxes, the HDD1630 and HDD6330, under the GoGear line.

These jukeboxes are designed to play MP3 and WMA music or FM Radio, and act as a USB mass storage device for saving and viewing photographs. The HDD1630 is a 6GB player, while the HDD6330 boasts a much larger 30GB drive. They use Philips’ latest SuperScroll touchpad technology, which aims to attract users familiar with the iPod style navigation. An intuitive set of graphic icons is where you start; from there you can flip through your collection in Artist, Album, Genre and Playlists. It can also help users locate and view photos on the colour backlit LCD, and play them back in a slideshow with some music.

Battery life for the HD6330 is estimated at 15 hours and the HDD1630 at 18 hours. Speed charge allows you to get 70% of life back in only one hour of charging.

The GoGear HDD6330 and HDD1630 will be available in October 2005 and will have a suggested retail price of $299 and $199 respectively.