Free Skype Calls Over Mobile Network

Free Skype Calls Over Mobile Network


It’s an alliance which is likely to benefit internet telecommunications consumers in a major way. Skype and Germany’s third largest mobile phone network operator E-Plus, have joined hands wherein E-Plus will be offering free Skype calls over its mobile network.

The deal is to become operational beginning October, clearly reflects Skype’s global mobile ambitions to move beyond the desktop for internet communications. The services emanating out of this partnership will provide a host of benefits to consumers, starting with the bundling of Skype software with E-Plus flat-rate data subscription schemes. The package will provide the leeway to control call costs and an unlimited freedom to call from anywhere even while on the move.

Commenting on this alliance, Niklas Zennstrom, CEO, Skype said, “E-Plus is the first mobile operator to partner with Skype, taking the first step to deliver Skype’s vision of making Skype available over any network, including 3G. Now anyone with an E-Plus data flat-rate subscription will be able to enjoy the benefits of Skype’s personal communications service when they are on the move in Germany.”

E-Plus offers its flat-rate data subscription to consumers in Germany at E 39.95 per month and has a subscriber’s base of nearly 10 million. Skype has 52 million registered users worldwide and nearly 3 million users in the US. Its alliance with E-Plus is viewed as a carefully drawn strategy to stretch out rapidly in global market by going beyond desktop. Analysts believe that Skype will continue to forge such alliances with other prominent global mobile companies as well in the near future.