Toshiba MyConnect All-In-One service for $4 per hour

Toshiba MyConnect All-In-One service for $4 per hour


Toshiba has introduced a new Mobile Internet Access service that allows users to connect through its MyConnect service at a pay-as-you go rate. For 4 bucks per hour you can surf at more than 23,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, broadband locations and dial-up numbers.

The only other fee you need to pay is a $10 activation fee to hook you up on the service. One word of caution, the service bills up to the hour. So say you do 1hr and 5mins, you will be charged for 2 hours at $3.95 per hour. Kind of sneaky, but whatever, in the future lets hope we see up to the minute billing. Billing is calculated every 30 days and billed to your credit card.

For more info check out where you can also select company plans.