Wireless Operators: ABI Research underlines transitional churning

Wireless Operators: ABI Research underlines transitional churning


The quarterly ABI Research titled “Advanced Mobile Applications Research Service”, has once again captured the transitional churning within the wireless communications segment along with the related pangs. New York-based ABI Research, a leading global research agency which keeps a tab on global developments in telecom, automotive and energy sectors, updates its reports after every three months.

In its latest report dealing with wireless operations, a host of issues have been highlighted. A specific section in the report discusses some of the major developments in the past quarter like Nextel’s trial of TD-CDMA; T-Mobile’s launch of mobile video in Hungary; Verizon Wireless’s music service; Kodiak’s launch of push-to-talk in West Africa and above all, the Sprint/Nextel merger. Commenting on this mega merger which has led to the creation of third largest cellular company in the US market, Ken Hyers, principal analyst of global wireless operator research, explains the rationale behind this move, why it is good and possible challenges which the merged company might face as they go along.

A specific section churned out by research company’s UK bureau, discusses in length Vodafone’s “Live!” services and subscribers and its future implications. The crucial issue of mobile imaging has also been minutely examined, and the key points touched upon are different approaches of different operators to this market and the possible unfolding scenario.

The new quarterly edition also contains precise information on 2.5G and 3G network upgrades and operator performance updates. This section also boasts of an innovative feature: subscribers can now click on hyperlinks and get connected directly to ABI Research’s searchable industry databases. Elaborates Hyers, “This allows users to get real-time updates on what operators are doing in each market: new services added; subscribers; contract awards. It’s an invaluable resource for any stakeholder in the industry.”