Ubicom and Kestrelink Develop High-End Wireless Digital Media Player Design

Ubicom and Kestrelink Develop High-End Wireless Digital Media Player Design


Ubicom and Kestrelink, have officially announced development of a new high-performance flexible digital media player (DMP) reference design. The new design promises to deliver very high-quality multimedia content over 802.11a/g wireless networks.

The collaborative partners are claiming that the new KestrelMedia DMP platform will facilitate consumers to access a much broader range of audio and video content for use without making any change in their existing audio/video (AV) equipment set up. Furthermore, the consumers will receive the freedom from conventional constraints related to hard-wired sources or content stored on physical portable media. The sum total of the facilities as offered by the new product is that consumers will now have the facility to experience videos, music, and digital photos on their TVs or stereo systems at DVD or CD quality while accessing this content over their wireless network.

Elaborating on the advantages of the new design, Holmes Lundt, President, Kestrelink, said “With the KestrelMedia DMP integrated into their consumer electronics equipment, the customer isn’t even aware that the content is being streamed wirelessly to their networked device. And because they can access all the functionality they’ve come to expect — play, pause, stop, skip, multispeed fast forward or rewind, and menu navigation — with very fast response times and jitter-free video, they are finally free of the constraints of a wired multimedia environment.”

The new DMP is attached with Microsoft’s Windows Media Connect server and is specifically designed for future compliance with the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) v1.0 guidelines. This will make its availability much easier on a broader range of PCs and Internet media server technologies. Before making it commercially available, the joint developers have planned to demonstrate features of the KestrelMedia reference design at the IFA trade show, starting September 2, 2005 in Berlin, Germany.