Two New Notebooks from Sonyland

Two New Notebooks from Sonyland


Sony’s VAIO product line has always set itself apart from the competition by its unique features. It’s in the global giant’s gene, perhaps. Living up to that image, Sony now comes out with a Sony VAIO BX with fingerprint reader, and the whole security aspect is pushed further than on a Fujitsu T because it’s possible to activate the system before it boots into the OS, so on the BIOS level.

The BX has a 14″ SXGA+ 1400×1050 screen, a Pentium M 760 2.26 GHz processor, a 256Mb Mobility RADEON X700 graphics card, 1 GB of memory, a DL multi DVD burner, 120 GB of HDD space and Bluetooth 2.0. Another interesting facet of this product is that the DVD player can be taken out in favor of a 80Gb HDD.

The new Sony T is smaller and sexier. Yet another new ware from the Sonyland. The Sony T will go on sale in Japan from September 10th onwards. This laptop is 21mm thick (272.4 x 195.1 x 21mm) and weighs only 1.25kg.

Just like the Fujitsu T70, it will have a screen with a Backlight LED that should result in a 30% brighter display than any of Sony’s current laptops. The screen will also have a 1366 x 768 maximum resolution.

It will also be full Sonoma with a 915GMS chipset for the graphics card, 512Mb of RAM (max 1.5Gb), a Celeron 1Ghz or a Pentium M 753 at 1.2Ghz CPU, 40 to 60Gb HDD space (this could be a 1.8″ HDD, but not confirmed yet), a DL DVD burner and Wireless LAN and Bluetooth. It will also have a MS/SD/MMC port.