IrSimple, A High Speed Wireless Infrared Protocol

IrSimple, A High Speed Wireless Infrared Protocol


ITX E-Globaledge Corporation, NTT DoCoMo Inc, Sharp Corporation and Waseda University have combined their efforts to develop IrSimple, a high speed wireless communication protocol using infrared.

Infrared Data Association or IrDA, an industry organization that develops and standardizes specifications for infrared communications, has put its seal of approval to formally adopt the IrSimple protocol as its standard.

IrSimple, according to the research collaborators, achieves faster data transmission speeds which is reckoned to be at least 4 to 10 times faster than at present. The usage of this protocol improves the efficiency of the current infrared IrDA protocol embedded in many mobile devices such as mobile phones.

In addition, the IrSimple protocol also maintains backward compatibility with the existing IrDA protocols. This becomes vital in the light of the fact that users of the existing technology have sunk in huge funds that cannot be ignored. Naturally, the developers of IrSimple have kept this issue at the back of their minds while chiseling out the newest version.

Other salient features of IrSimple include improved efficiency by reducing latency until a receiver/transmitter pair is ready to communicate. Besides, a switchover to the new protocol is a child’s play. It can be achieved by adding and/or upgrading software for existing IrDA protocols.

Incorporating IrSimple in digital consumer electronics devices and home appliances is expected to lead to a significant expansion in applications for this new communications protocol. For example, high-resolution photographs taken with a mobile phone or digital camera can be instantly transferred to a flat-panel TV or printer through a simple operation, similar to that of using a remote control unit.