Suunto G6: Dream Device for Golfers

Suunto G6: Dream Device for Golfers


Avid golf lovers may soon be in a position to improve their golf swings with a new device that is available in the form of a watch, called the Suunto G6.

Projected as the ‘dream device’ for golfers, the Suunto G6 offers a host of benefits, like accurate measurement of your swing, keeping an exact count of your scores and helping you improve upon swing consistency. After each swing, it facilitates you to check the tempo, rhythm, backswing, length and speed of your shot. The end result of the entire process is that you can keep a constant tab on your best shots, and thus will know how to emulate them further in the game, so the next time around you can give it best possible performance.

The watch consists of three integrated acceleration sensors that have been developed after two years of research. On a cumulative basis, they accurately measure 200 times a second the movement of your wrist. The integrated scorekeeper simplifies the task of keeping a tab on individual scores and this completely eliminates any kind of paperwork. The watch also contains the Suunto’s Golf Manager PC software (Suunto G6 PRO only), it will help you in identifying the areas that need improvement at the end of each round so that you what to focus on in the next round.

Suunto G6, billed as the complete companion of golfers, will be commercially available by the end of this year.

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