Samsung Reveals MMCmobile Card and Faster MMCs

Samsung Reveals MMCmobile Card and Faster MMCs


Samsung Electronics has just released their Gigabyte (GB) MultiMediaCards (MMCs) to consumers – the 1GB and 2GB MMCplus cards, and the 1GB MMCmobile card, a veritable ‘first’ in the industry. People are indeed getting excited because these new GB MMCs will enable users to achieve better performance from their advanced mobile electronics devices such as cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, portable multimedia players, and anything else that supports the format.

The MMCplus cards function on 3.3Vs of power and are said to be as much as three times faster than traditional SD memory cards. These MMCs are better suited for digital cameras or PDA that needs fast response times for using and manipulating advanced functions.

The MMCmobile cards on the other hand, are most suited for (surprise!) mobile devices. They are 50% less the size of the MMCplus card and can run on 1.8V or 3.3V, which caters to both the low voltage and the low power consumption needs of mobile phones.

MMCplus and MMCmobile can send data at speeds of about 52MBs per second or up to 20x faster than previous MMC versions. This is possible by supporting wider bus widths and faster clock speeds (up to 52MHz).