Motorola iTunes Cell Phone to be Released on Sept 7

Motorola iTunes Cell Phone to be Released on Sept 7


Rumors abound that Motorola and Apple Computer are going to launch the highly anticipated ROKR iPod mobile phone on September 7 in San Francisco. The new mobile phone will feature Apple’s iTunes software, which will enable users to move audio files from their PCs to iPod-like phone and then listen to music files through the headphones. However, according to Gartner online-music analyst Mike McGuire, it would still take quite a while before users can download music files directly from the Internet onto the iTunes mobile phone.

The ROKR is expected to be marketed by Cingular Wireless. Apple, Motorola and Cingular are (as always) tight-lipped about the rumors but the signs are there.

For one, Apple announced on Monday (via an email invite) that they would host a major music-related news event on September 7 in San Francisco. Secondly, Motorola did say in July 2004 that they are developing an iTunes mobile phone, and in July 2005 said that plans are underway to release it in September 2005. Thirdly, Motorola spokesperson Jennifer Weyrauch mentioned that if and when Motorola brings to market an iTunes mobile device, it would be included in a line of music-oriented mobile phones called ROKR. Hmm, what are the chances eh?