Mobile Phone and Radio Make Radidan

Mobile Phone and Radio Make Radidan


Japan mobile phone users have something to look forward to – Sony Ericsson and NTT DoCoMo are bringing to market the Radiden, a mobile phone that doubles as a radio. The Radiden features a very cool “dual front design”, which enables users to use the radio without having to go through the mobile phone user interface. You see, one side functions as the mobile phone; turn it around and you get a tv/radio. The radio part, which supports AM and FM) even features seven channel buttons which enable the radio phone owner to switch easily from one channel to another.

The Radiden will work with i-mode and is quite compact (at just 117×49×20 mm) and light (122 g). The tv/radio will feature one color LCD while the mobile phone interface features a 1.9″ TFT display and 65,536 colors.

So far, there seems to be only two downsides; it does not have an expansion slot or camera. Ah well, you can’t have it all.

The Radiden will be available in Japan starting August 30 in a dual color scheme of black and silver. No pricing information was released.